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Saturday, 05 January 2013 06:30

Heirloom - 5 January 2013

I did Cindy Needham's online class with Craftsy in December and got some of her fantastic books.  The name of the class was: “Design it, Quilt it!” I got so inspired that I just have to quilt something that would go through as an heirloom-project.

I remembered that somewhere in my closet I had this old tray cloth my mother-in-law left for me. Unfortunately I couldn't use it because it didn't lie flat. It also had stains on but luckily my mother could fix that over Christmas.


I tried to apply Cindy's advice about design. The only stencil that fitted the space in the middle (to create focus) was the I used it, LOL!


To create movement I put other roses at the edge and added the little triangular 'border' around the middle rose.  Maybe the shape was a mistake.


The only dimension I could create was in that 'faulty' little border by putting it behind the little flowers.  I'll work on adding dimension in other projects in the near future.  To create light and shadow, I've tried my hand on Cindy's Pearls and Swirls background filler.  I was surprised at the effect! I stitched everywhere in the ditch, except the crochet border.  I only did SID on its edges and the two little flowers on the short sides of the crochet border.  It really pops!


I am anxiously looking for other old stuff that I could quilt.  One of these days I am going to try my hand on an old embroidery tablecloth I've bought on Bid-or-Buy.

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0 #1 mevCarina Lubbe 2013-10-09 10:35
Hi Karien,
Dis so lekker om jou goeters weer te kyk. Jy vat nou "fyn".