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Monday, 28 January 2013 06:30

A Hexagon Affair - 28 January 2013

This quilt is so special, so I asked Marna Louw of Springfontein to share her story:

“I think this quilt is what quilting was meant to be - a family endeavour; working together to make a gift of love.

Boys and friends

I wanted my mother in law, Marieta Louw, to start quilting, but she was just never inspired.  When my sister-in-law came to visit from Australia, I realized that this was a golden opportunity to create a quilt as gift!   I didn’t have enough time to finish a quilt and asked her to make the hexagons.  She immediately volunteered.  I gave her verbal instructions and a jelly roll with couple of folio’s of hexie-patterns and she was on her way.  Not living close to her, I asked a friend to pop by and just check if she was on the right track!  Her friend, Uncle Ormond Butler, was in charge of cutting the papers and checking the seam allowances.  Each one…. Individually!  He was also later in charge of sorting out the pattern, because the fabric was supposed to be placed at random.  No two colours being placed next to each other! 

Dog and famalyAfter she finished the star, I sewed the star onto the background.  Our next job was to take out the tacking thread of the hexies!  This was a family affair!  Not willing to give my 4-(Pieter), 7-(Rudolph) and 8 year old-(Koot) boys seem rippers; I gave each of them a screw driver!  They loved every minute of it!  When their friends, Maude & Danie Kruger, Migailin  and Shugailin Neck, came to visit, we’d all lie on the fabric and work together!!!  Even the dogs joined! And when my husband was looking for his screw drivers… he knew where to look for them! 

When this was finished I realized that I needed to repeat the hexies!  I then got MY mother, Lettie Skog, to do the hexagons for the sides, using of-f cuts from the jelly roll.

I really wanted to incorporate a Celtic knot, to fill in the blank spaces next to the star.  But try as I may, I just never could make it work.  I ended up using all kinds of other tricks to repeat the blue!  I told Karien about my Celtic knot predicament and was truly elated when she found a way to quilt some kind of knot...not a Celtic knot, but Heart-knots!  

I don’t know how they got the quilt into their luggage, or what they had to leave behind to fit it in, but this quilt is now in Perth!”

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0 #4 MrsJill Price 2013-07-04 12:42
Wow absolutely stunning !!!!
0 #3 mrsZelda 2013-02-16 17:02
Very special indeed! A quilt made with so much love by all involved - from the youngest to the oldest!
+1 #2 Wow - what a quilt!Stephan 2013-02-05 08:30
There can't be any doubt in my mind that this was a family project. It must have been great for Marna to see her children working on the quilt with her.

I wonder which of the children will fight the hardest for this quilt one day when they are older...

Really a beautiful quilt!
+1 #1 Andrea Gillborne 2013-02-01 16:22
This is a beautiful story and a wonderful quilt full of memories. Hope your sister-in-law appreciate it! Well done!