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Gammill - My Quilting Machine

Never before had anyone set out to develop a large-throat sewing machine on tracks which could be operated from both sides, moved in any direction, on a specially designed stand that enabled pantograph patterns to be traced directly onto fabric – making it possible to complete a quilt or bedspread in a matter of hours rather than days. But how is the fabric held together and advanced?


The original two-control, hand-guided quilting machine, Gammill Quilting Systems use a series of fabric-handling rollers to join the lining, batting and top fabric over a 12- or 14-foot stand on which the sewing mechanism freely moves. Once the exposed fabric surface is quilted (up to 28 square feet per pass on our largest model), the three layers of fabric are simultaneously advanced to display the next area to be quilted. It's that simple and what a pleasure to work on!