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About Karoo Quilting

I’ve learnt that life really begins at 40.


I’ve attended the Mature Personhood therapeutic program and not only made peace with most of my mistakes of the past, but also embrace the new identity of myself. What the world needs, are people who have come alive!


I became a quilter in 2003, got my Gammill Longarm Quilting machine in 2010, because it just took too long to quilt a quilt. Today I am privileged that my quilting-business, Karoo Quilting, resembles a beautiful thing…when a career and a passion come together. Best of all is that I am able to minimize other quilters’ frustration by doing a quilt job in one or two days where it would have taken them much, much longer on their own short arm sewing machine.


When I receive a patchwork creation from a client, I embrace it as my own and relish in the colors and fabric. I strongly believe that quilts can talk and beg how they want to be quilted. I therefore strive to be up to date with the newest trends in the quilting-world and compliment my clients’ quilts with unique stitching patterns.